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Concrete Replacement

Concrete is an incredibly durable substance.It can withstand all types of weather,foot traffic,automotive traffic,and even extreme heat.However as with everything else there is no miracle material that will stand up indefinately.Concrete will crack,sink,or become pitted due to a number of reasons.Although some repairs can be done to remedy the problem areas sometimes replacement is the only option.Concrete damage can come from many sources,including the weight of vehicles,freezing temperatures,gas and oil , de icing materials such as salt etc. Although concrete should last a minimum of 20 years in most cases the above factors can reduce its life.The lifespan also depends on maintenance.Although in some cases resurfacing can be concidered.

If you think your concrete needs resurfacing or repair you can count on  Cretefix Concrete Solutions to get the job done right.


  • Multiple areas needing repair
  • If the age has far exceeded 20 years
  • Multiple spiderweb cracks connecting to each other
  • Multiple pot holes
  • Edges are crumbling or breaking off
  • Appearance is so bad it depretiates the value of the property
  • Sunken and broken beyond repair
  • More than 50% of surface is beyond repair
  • Deep and wide cracks
  • severe spalling

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