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Crack and joint filling

Expansion joints play a very important role in your driveway,sidewalk,garage and warehouse to name a few.They allow the concrete pads to move,expand and contract with temperature and humidity changes. However these joints also need to be protected as well. To do this they must be sealed with a material that has been manufactured for flexability and movement.Keeping these joints watertight will prevent water from seeping under the concrete pads and causing them to heave, crack or sink. This also applies to cracks caused by wear and tear on any concrete surface.If properly sealed this can certainly add longevity to your concrete.A good prevention to high repair costs.However the prep work is key. This is where Cretefix Concrete Solutions can help. Our team of crack repair experts will seal the areas needing attention adding extra life to your concrete. We do it right.



  • Stop Water From Entering
  • Prevent further damage
  • Saving extra costs
  • Reduce risk of injury
  • maintaining appearance
  • keeping functional

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