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Foundation Crack Repair

There are several reasons a crack can form in your foundation. As concrete cures it shrinks. Age. weather conditions such as frost and rain,temperature change,pressure and ground movement are other factors that are a common occurance.Horizontal cracks usually form due to soil movement or water pressure. When spring arrives it is best to do a visual inspection to see if any noticeable cracks are present.The most common areas where cracks may occur are weak points such as around window frames,and areas where vent pipes,services and plumbing enter through the foundation.If cracks in a foundation are noticable it is very important to take action as soon as possible before further problems develop.You may notice visible damage such as cracks in drywall,bowed walls or floor tiles lifting and windows and doors out of align. The issue should not be ignored.Cracks in basement floors are also a common occurance.For floor cracks we use a 2 part epoxy system to mend the cracked area. On foundation cracks we asses the area and what is needed to properly do the repair.Loose debris is cleaned from the crack and numerous injection ports are inserted. A 2 part epoxy is then used to cover the entire surface area of the crack. Once the epoxy has fully cured we then inject a polyurethane grout into each injection port. During the injection process the grout reacts and expands to completely seal the entire cracked area. We use a  high quality product that is manufactured to be flexible and adhere to the concrete and support any movement.


Fast,affordable and dependable no competitor can match the value of our services.Our many existing customers have come to depend on us for all their concrete repairs. Rest assured your in the hands of the best company when you choose Cretefix Concrete Solutions.


  • Stop Water From Entering 
  • Eliminate escalating repair costs
  • Stop the spreading of structural damage
  • Eliminate water damage
  • Eliminate insect infestations
  • Mold and mildew
  • Decline in property value
  • Increased utility bills from moisture and dampness
  • Loss of integrity to concrete
  • Eliminate ongoing musty odour

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